I am so lost with this assignment.I hope that someone can help me. For my business class we are to:

Plan for an interview for a job you would like to have. Consider how you might manage the résumé, job application letter, follow-up letter, and interview.

• Create a table that lays out a day-by-day plan to use as a job aid for your employment search that spans 3 weeks.

I am not certain what the professor is looking for. It is rather easy to do a plan in a virtual world, for a virtual (non-existing) job.

Here is what I suggest: Pick some job you would like to have, if necessary, make it up. Then, list the qualifications, personal attributes, and experience needed for that job. Then create a resume to fit the needs of that job....and so on.

I will be happy to critique your plan.

Thank you Bob. Let me see what I can come up with.

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  1. Resume for job search should explain all your qualifications, education areas of experties, professional experience and work related skills. You can also use bulleted points for more convenience of the reader.
    Job-application letter for job search should explain the post which you are interstrested for. It should also show your keen interrest to associate with the company.
    For Interview a person should be formally dressed. Out look of a person counts much. Be confident what you are delivering about your achievements. Try to make good repo with the interviewer.
    Follow-up letter should be specific and consize. In such letter you ask for the updates regarding your filling in the company.The follow-up letter should be sent after a week from interview.

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  2. create a table day by day plan to use for a job aid for employment

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