help on a question

I needed help on a physical science question. When the molecules in a body move with increased speed, it's possible that the body will change from a...
A) gas to a liquid
B) gas to a solid
C) liquid to a solid
D) liquid to a gas

If the molecules are increasing speed, then temperature is increasing. The best answer is d, as liquids are colder than gases.

Check my thinking

The density of water is the greatest at a temperature of

d liquid to gas

I think that the answer is D)liquid to gas. I'm doing the same book that you are so if you need anymore help just let me know, I would be glad to help.

Will you please help me on these question.
1. If the absolute temperature of a gas is 600 K, temperature in degrees Celsius is.
a. 273 C
b. 327 C
c. 705 C
d 873 C

pleasew help me??!!!

its liquid to a gas


D. liquid to a gas

The answer is
d. liquid to a gas

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  1. Why are compounds considered pure substances?

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  2. Because most of the elements that are in a caompound are pure substances.

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  3. i think the answers are
    liquid to gas and 4k
    last one i cannot find

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