English / Grammar

Pleas let me know if the correct punctuation and the sentence is correct.

1. The goose bit the mailman on the leg.

2. I drove ten miles with five gallons of gas.

3. I could not buy milk because the store was closed.

4. For the seventh time, would you stop running around the house.

5. The rainbow stretched across the sky from the ice cream truck to the house down the lane.

6. The mop is between the sixth and seventh floors of the building in the stairwell, over in the corner.

7. Since I started taking college classes I have more confidence.

8. After she fixed the flat, she drove the car right into the garage.

9. I turned the light off when the garage door was closed.

10. Friday nights at the diner were always busy; I prefer the activity.

#4 needs correct end punctuation.

#7 needs a comma after the introductory adverbial clause.

The others are fine.


#6 doesn't need a comma.

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