i have to write a short narrative in the genre of science fiction using a current political issues as a starting point.

can someone please name and give examples of some the current political issues for me please?

thank you for the help!

thank you !

Current political issues include:
War in Iraq
Health care for everyone
Affordable prescription medications
Improving education.
Stem cell research
Global warming

thanks. but how do i start my narrative using a current political issues?
do i set the story in where or when the political issue that i have picked?
or is there any other ways that i can set my story out using a current political issues?

thank you =)

If you were to choose improving education, then I would set it in a classroom. I would have something unexpected happen which would effect the class or a student in an unnatural way. Go from there.
If I were doing global warming , what if a kid was messing around with a toyfan that suddenly began to blow holes in the ozone layer <G> Use your imagination and play with ideas.

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asked by Jarin

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