Is these sentences correct on dangling modifiers? if not please tell me what they should be. Thanks.

1.Flying oer the oak tree,the farmer saw the flock of birds that had damaged his crop.
2. Ironing out all wrinkles,the pants looked much more presentable.
3.The police chief posted the mandate against hubcap theft on Monday afternoon.
4.Until the beef has been rubbed with garlic oil,do not put it into the skillet.
5.He found his glasses crawling under the couch.

1) Did the farmer fly over the oak tree?
2) Did the pants do the ironing?
3) Is it legal to steal hubcaps on Tuesday?
5) how did his glasses crawl?

Put the dangling modifier closest to the word it is describing.

Example: Hanging on the fence, I saw the harness.
The way this is written, I am hanging on the fence. This is NOT something I want to do. The harness is hanging on the fence. So the better way to write the sentence is - I saw the harness hanging on the fence. Hope this helps. Please repost if you need further help.

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