English IV

How does the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy link to the British literature? Is Douglas Adams a British author?

What do you do when a teacher hates you enough to fail you in that class?





You might ask your parents to make an appointment with the teacher; ask that a counselor be present, too -- or even make the appointment with the teacher through the counselor.

At any rate, a conversation among you, your parent(s), the teacher, and a counselor can be very productive if you approach it in a very focused way: The only question your parent(s) need to ask of the teacher is what you need to do in order to raise your grade and pass the course. There doesn't need to be any discussion of anyone's likes or dislikes or personalities or whatever -- just the course and what you need to do to pass it with a decent grade.

Good luck!


Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Let me address your last question, about grades. No teacher is justified in giving a grade based upon liking or not liking a student. Each teacher should have a grading policy, which is shared with the students early in the year. My students knew the percentage breakdown of the grade, based upon the level of study = elementary, immediate, advanced. Each student received immediate feedback and kept all papers, except exams going with the text. Those were the smallest percentage. Thus, at any time, each student knew the grade and could check with my gradebook. At the end of the year the graded papers were turned in, in a notebook, so there would be no question about the final grade. = nothing "subjective."

When you speak with your teacher (I would begin there), be sure to not be defensive or to put the teacher on the defensive. If your teacher had no grading scale, there is usually one for the school and/or the district. This is not "abritrary." There is a "ladder" for justification. First the teacher, then the counselor, the principal, the school district = it is, as already suggested, a good idea to have a witness on your side!

This late in the school year, you may not have time to raise your grade, but you should have had "progress reports" so you and your parents would know in sufficient time to rasie that grade.

I have even had students come back after 4 years to check on a grade and all our grade books were under lock and key in the safe so we were able to do that. However, I always gave my students the "benefit of the doubt" until it was made an issue. In one instance I had given a student a B- instead of a C+ and she agreed that to leave the grade alone was the best decision!

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