child care

why is it important to choose appropriate play provision for a child?

(please help i am very stuck and my assigment is due in tomorrow)

Young children learn by playing. They develop large and small motor skills, intellectual knowledge, social adaptation, and information about how the world works by playing. Choosing appropriate activities for children helps them develop to their fullest. Of course, children's safety is a prime consideration.

Contrast a child who watches TV for many hours a day with one who has many opportunities for creative play with other children. The former becomes accustomed to being entertained, often mindlessly, while the latter develops many skills that help him/her learn more and become a happier and more successful human being.

If children are forced into activities that are not age appropriate, the child may become frustrated, angry, and withdraw from these activities.

Yes to all the above, and one addition. Changes in play types keeps minds and bodies active.

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