Is there someone who could proofread this?

Identify the sentence patterns
1. He followed the map to the treasure. S/V/DO
2. Darcy sang the song slowly. S/V/DO
3. They were certain about the time. S/LV/SC
4. I called him a er. S/V/DO
5. I found the puppy a home. S/V/DO
6. He answered the question incorrectly. S/V/DO/OC
7. The president gave the vice president the gavel. S/V/IO/DO
8. The goldfish swam in circles. S/V/IO
9. Mindy colored the sky orange. S/V/DO
10. She seems proud of him. S/V/IO

Write your own sentence in each of the five sentence patterns:

S/V Faye was laughing.

S/V/DO Faye made shrimp.

S/V/IO/DO Faye gave John a book.

S/V/DO/OC Faye threw a ball to him.

S/LV/SC Here is Faye.

Diagram the main sentence parts of the following sentences:

Emma needs a friend.

She gave him a hug.

They crowned her homecoming queen.

She is a fool.

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  1. If you tried to copy and paste something (especially if it’s a numbered list), it did not work. You’ll need to type it in by hand.

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