Can someone please tell me why I would (or wouldn't) expect a color change if FeCl3 were added to pure aspirin and also to oil of wintergreen?
(I know aspirin is mostly salicylic acid, and I'm not even sure what compounds are in oil of wintergreen, I'm pretty sure there's methyl acetate, but not positive - it's for a lab we did) Thanks!

Also, I've searched around but haven't gotten a lot - can someone please give me a good website that has more than one way to make ethyl acetate?

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asked by Lacey
  1. If FeCl3 is added to pure aspirin' there would no color change because there is no unreacted salicylic acid present.
    If the same is added to oil of wintergreen (methyl salicylate, the color would turn to violet because of the presence of phenolic compounds.

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    posted by Mussa
  2. You tried, wendon

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    posted by Ebuka

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