You are an anthropologist conducting research with prostitutes on HIV/AIDS. You uncover evidence of an illegal activity (other than prostitution) involving both informants and businesses in the area. When you bring this to your research team’s attention, team members who live in the community tell you that reporting this activity could result in community members losing some services or benefits. Read the American Anthropological Association’s Code of Ethics What do you do? Please explain your reasoning. Where did you learn the ideas that form the basis of your opinion? (Most people will respond, "From my parents" or "From my upbringing." Try to think about other influences on your thinking as well.) Try to argue the opposite point of view.

When you have your response written up, someone here will be able to critique your thinking.


Consider the positive and negative aspects of reporting the activity and these same aspects for not reporting the activity.

Use your value system to guage the relative importance of these aspects.

I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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