Rewrite the following sentence, replacing any noun objects with object pronouns.

1. Le medecin me donne des piqures chaque semaine.

Le medecin m'en donne chaque semaine.
Is this correct? Would "chaque semaine" be changed?
Also, please excuse missing accents

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  1. Absolutely correct!

    Here are direct-object pronouns:
    me (m')
    te (t')
    le (l')
    la (l')
    se (s')
    se (s')

    Here are indirect-object pronouns:
    me (m')
    te (t')
    se (s')
    se (s')

    PRONOUN "y"
    This always refers to things or places. It geerally replaces à + noun, but may also replace other prepositions of position, such as chez, dans, en, sous, or sur + noun.
    In English "y" most commonly means "to it (them), in it (them), on it (them), and there (when the place has already been mentioned.) Also, sometimes the equivalent is not even expressed in English.

    PRONOUN "en"
    This pronoun replaces "de + noun," and generally refers to things. It is usually translated into English by "some, any, of it (them), from there."
    Even when the equivalent may not be expressed in English, "en" is always expressed. It must also be used whent he noun is omitted after a number, an adverb or noun of quantity, or an idion requiring "de." (something you can count)

    This particular sentence was working with the very last thing (en) when you replaced "des piqueres" and you do NOT replace "chaque semain."

    Sra (aka Mme)

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  2. Thanks so much!

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