I recently received agorgous "diamond" ring as a gift. He said it was real but I'm not sure. It looks real, the four Cs and everything. But to know for sure without it being apraised I need to know what the stamps inside mean.
Does anyone have an idea? I've been searching the internet for two hours. Please Help!

You need to have it appraised for the following reasons:
1) That marking of GFA is not industry standard.
2) If it is a real, a diamond of that size should have internal markings that register it, and if it is stolen material you need to know that, and the real owner needs to know where it is.
3) You got a ring of that size, and no GIA or other certificate with it. Very odd.
Get it appraised soon, or you may be in trouble later with the police. This is just too suspicious for me to say anything otherwise.

Thank you. I was suspicious also. The guy that gave it to me doesn't have a lot of cash lieing around. He told me he bought it in NY (he just got back) But I was figuring it was fake and hoping it was real. I just thought maybe someone on here would know the stamps ment "nice knock off" or something. I wasn't aware that real diamonds come with certificates. I've never owned one before. Thankyou for your good advice.
Stores are closed and I was a bit excited so I check on here.
If it is like a half carrot, then that is really expensive right? first thing tomorrow I'll have it apraised. If it is real I will check with the authorties.
Thankyou, you may have saved me a heep of trouble.
PS bob, did my answer help your math?

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. GF can mean "gold filled" but at any rate, do not ask for an official GIA appraisal because that costs a great deal. If you have a family jeweler he/she should be able to tell you about the stone.

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