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  1. Physical Education - Check my answer please

    Excess body fat may cause... Answer choices: 1. diabetes, lack of stored energy, stroke, and heart disease. 2. lack of organ protection, osteoarthritis, and hyper tension. 3. sleep apnea, lack of organ protection, and liver

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  2. physic problem-thermoregulation

    During a dry day, a 70.0 kg athlete runs a marathon while the outside temperature is T2 = 33.2 ¢XC. The thermal power produced by the athlete's body is P = 1.05 ¡Ñ 103 W and the skin temperature is T3 = 35.5 ¢XC so that the

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  3. Health (Ms. Sue)

    1. Describe what happens during NREM and REM sleep. A: In the beginning of a sleep cycle, we enter NREM sleep. The body recovers from the stress of the day's activities during this part of the sleep. Then, about 1.5 hours into

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    Can someone help me come up with another treatment goal for inability to sleep. This is what I had and the instructor said that I had to change it because we really cannot include a biological function in the treatment plan since

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  5. Language Arts

    Which of the following is likely to cause lethargy? A.too little food B.bad weather C.lack of sleep D.a lack of heat

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    I tried to rephrase these lines from S's Macbeth, again. Could you please have a look at them and help me with them? 1) Macbeth: "Methought I heard a voice cry, “Sleep no more! Macbeth does murder sleep”—the innocent

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  7. Chemistry

    During reaction mechanism... A. catalyst does not change the reaction mechanism. B. catalyst changes the reaction mechanism. C. catalyst always makes a reaction mechanim more complicated. Catalysts lower the activation energy and

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    What do you lack in? What do you lack? I lack in common sense. I lack humor. I lack in patience. I lack in teamwork. I lack in _________ (Are the questions and answers all correct? Would you let me know more expressions suitable

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    Give a scientific explanation for the following observations: Perspiring is a mechanism for cooling the body -is it because when something is heated it produces a salt and h2o, so when our body heats up the chemicals in our body

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    4. What provides the shortest-term mechanism for preventing acid-base imbalances in the body? The longest-term mechanism? Describe each in detail.

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