can somone help me with this one , what equations do i have to use or what do i have to to inorder to see if this is possible

Lori Morgan has $16,000 invested in Disney and Intel Stock. The Disney stock currently sells for $30 a share and Intel stock for $70 a share. Her stockbroker points out that if Disney stock goes up 50% and Intel stock goes up to $35 a share, her stock will be worth $25,500. IS this possible?

30D + 70I=16000 where D, I are number of shares.

(30*1.50)D+ (70+35)I=25500

I read the problem as (Intel goes up by 35 dollars. I am not certain what you meant...if it was 70 dollars a share, it cannot go up to 35 dollars a share.

So you solve these equations to see if there is a solution.
30D + 70I=16000
45D+ 105I=25500

I can see there is no solution. Disney went up most, so say the number of I shares was zero, increasing Disney by 50 percent (16000+ 8000)=24000.

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asked by jas

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