wait that was the rong question... this is my ques

What is 3 and 1 over 2 as a percent in fraction form?

3 over 2 in fractions would be l 1/2. In decimals it would be 1.5

1 over 2 in fractions would be 1/2... in decimals it would be .5

To change fractions to percentages is really easy, (even for a NON math person) just divide the bottom of the fraction into the top of the fraction.

For instance 1/2 would be 2 into 1.00. So you would put your decimal point in first then divide 2 into 10. .5 would be the answer. To make a decimal into a percentile, you move the decimal point TWO spaces to the right... then you would have 50%

Do you mean 3 + 1 over 2?

4/2 = 2 = 200%

no i meant 3 1/3% as a fraction. what is it?

change percent to hundredths (divide by 100)

3/100 + 1/300
9/300 + 1/300

10/300= 1/30

3 1/3% = (10/3)%. As noted above, divide 10 by 3 to obtain
3.33333%. Then change to a decimal by dividing by 100. To do that just move the decimal point two places to the left.
Therefore, 3.33333% becomes 0.033333 as a decimal.

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asked by chris

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