3rd Grade Grammar

I need help. I think the book is trying to trick me.

Directions: Select the Subject Pronouns and Object Pronouns in each sentence.

3. They filled the sky.
S-they O-none?

5. Greta saw it first.
S-none? O-it

6. Dad asked us to come inside.
S-none? O-us

7. I wanted to stay outside.
S- I O-none?

8. Dad told me about thunderstorms.
S-none? O-me

9. We watched the lightening.
S-we O-none?

10. It flashed across the sky.
S-It O-none?

Can the Subject Pronoun and the Object Pronoun be the same answer in a sentence?

Thanks for your help.

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asked by Claire
  1. Congratulations! All of your answers are correct!

    I can't think of any sentence that would use the same pronoun as both the subject and object.

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. Thank you so much :-}

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    posted by Claire
  3. You're very welcome!

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    posted by Ms. Sue

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