Calculate the ionic strength of the solution.
a) 100 mL of 0.8M magnesium perchlorate, Mg(ClO4)2, is added to 900 mL of 0.30M perchloric acid, HClO4. No reaction.

B)25 mL of 0.200M potassium iodide, KI, are mixed with 75 mL of 0.0300 M silver nitrate, AgNO3. Silver iodide precipitates.

For (a) you first need to determine the molarity of the resulting Mg(ClO4)2 and HClO4. Then use the ionic strength formula to determine the ionic strength. That is mu = AZ1^2 + BZ2^2 + CZ3^2where A is the Mg^+2 ion molarity and Z1^2 is the charge on the Mg^+2; B is the total molarity of the ClO4^- and Z2^2 is the charge on the ClO4^- ion; C is the molarity of the H^+ and Z3^2 is the charge on the H^+. For (b), you must first determine the reaction (a ppt of AgI will take place) and use the rxn to determine the final molarities of K^+, I^-, NO3^- and Ag^+. Then plug into the mu forumla to determine ionic strength. Please post your work if you need further assistance or if you would like us to check your answer. We need your work in order to determine the nature of your problem (but you probably won't have any trouble.) I hope this helps you get started.

I just noticed that I omitted the 1/2 on mu. It should read
nu = 1/2(AZ1^2 + BZ2^2 + CZ3^2) etc. Sorry about that.

That's mu and not nu. =)

define Physical science

You did the correct thing by posting a SEPARATE posting for this question. I saw this posting just by chance. I answered the later posting above. However, for definitions you can go to and look them up much faster than typing them here and waiting for a reply.

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