Find the pH of a 0.010M solution of NH4ClO4 and the pH of a 0.010M solution of NH4C2H3O2.

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  1. after finding the ph of the corresponding ions in these two questions, would you add the two ph's together to determine the final ph of the solution?

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  2. I assume these are two separate solutions; i.e., two separate problems.
    The pH of the NH4ClO4 solution is determined by the hydrolysis of the salt. NH4ClO4 is the salt of a weak base (NH3) and a strong acid (HClO4), therefore, the NH4^+ is hydrolyzed.
    NH4^+ + HOH ==> NH3 + H3O^+
    Make an ICE table.
    Plug in the numbers and calculate H3O^+ and pH from that.
    For NH4C2H3O2, both NH4^+ and C2H3O2^- are hydrolyzed since that is the salt of a weak acid (HC2H3O2) and a weak base (NH3). The formula for the pH of such a solution is
    (H^+) = sqrt(Kw/KaKb)

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