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Note: For the purpose of this lesson assume that all available
dogs are bred to their respective breed standards and possess
correct temperament and physical structure for their breeds.

From the list provided, select the breed
you think would be most appropriate for the person
or persons in the case study. (Note: Each list contains
more than one breed that would be appropriate for
the situation described.) Give reasons to support
your choice.
b. Question 2: From the same list, select a breed
that would be inappropriate. (Note: Again, each
list includes more than one breed that would be
inappropriate for the situation described.) Give
as much detail as you can to support your choice.
Case Study 1: Mr. Nathan
Mr. Nathan recently spent his life savings to purchase a
small auto repair business located in a commercial zone. He
resides in a mobile home on the shop property. The entire
property is surrounded with chain link fence. Mr. Nathan
leaves the gate open during the day so customers and vendors
can enter and leave.
To supplement his income, Mr. Nathan purchases vehicles
that need major repairs, fixes them, obtains all required
certificates, and then sells them to customers as inexpensive
transportation vehicles. Therefore, Mr. Nathan always has
vehicles and auto parts stored on the property, along with
the tools necessary to conduct his business.
Mr. Nathan is concerned about the possibility of night breakins
and would like to have a dog to guard his property. He
feels it would be unfair to keep the dog only as an outside
guard dog. Therefore, he plans to have the dog live in the
mobile home with him and sound an alert when trespassers

Approximately two weeks ago, a robbery occurred at a business
only a few doors away from Mr. Nathan’s shop. The
owner was robbed at gunpoint during regular business
hours. Because of this robbery, Mr. Nathan is concerned
about the security of his own business. He now would like
to find a dog that would be friendly, or at least neutral, to
customers and vendors who enter the property. He also
wants the dog to protect him if a serious threat arises.
Because the business does not yet accept credit cards and
Mr. Nathan is unwilling to accept personal checks, he often
has large amounts of cash on hand during business hours.
Mr. Nathan also receives income from some rental properties,
which he owns, so the cost of a dog wouldn’t be his greatest
concern. He’s willing to build a secure kennel for the dog, if
necessary, but prefers the dog to be in the shop with him
during the day for companionship and protection.
1. Which one of the following breeds would be most suitable
for Mr. Nathan? Why?
• Siberian Husky
• Belgian Sheepdog
• Golden Retriever
• Giant Schnauzer
2. Which one of the breeds listed in Question 1 would be
inappropriate for Mr. Nathan? Why
Question #1 I feel that the Golden Reriever would be a suitable dog for Mr. Nathan. Golden retrievers are very active , alert and higly eagar. This breed is also vey self- confident. The socialablity of this breed includes they have a very high social ablity within family , children and strangers Tho they don't have that good of a Guard dog ablity they make a fairly good Watch dog

Question 2
The Siberian Husky is a medium sized sled dog who enjoys the out doors as well as being inside. They socialize very well with children and strangers however their ablity to be a good watch dog and guard dog is quite low so I feel that a Siberian Husky would be inappropriate for Mr. Nathan

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