The Holocaust

I need some important facts about the Ghettos in the Holocaust.


the ghettos depending on whitch area you are talking about where mostly small apartments on what was the poor side of town (before the Nazis). they where small, dirty, and the stuck 1 to sometimes 7 faimilys in one room appartments. Rodents and insects sometimes over took the sleeping and living spaces. the ghettos would be holding spaces for those who would soon be taken to consentration camps. they where blockaded in until the trucks or trains arived. gaurds marched all day and night around the perimeter and shot anyone they saw trying to escape. all though few where able to escape.if one died in the ghetto the family had to drag the corpse to the street until thethe nazis gave the work detail assignments. they would assign people to go around and take the corpses to either giant ovens (furnaces) or to mass graves, some where just left in the center to remind people of what is to come. and the corpses would rott there. The ghetto was just the first stop for some and others it was their last.

If they where nice it was two pices of loaves a day and a very weak soup with it and some water, and maybe some scraps. If they wheren't nice you got one pice of bread or nothing at all.

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asked by Valerie

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