this is kinda similar to last nights question
We have to write an introduction, thesis, and now part of the body
My topic was if I could do anything without getting in trouble, what would it be?
My introduction is life is a risk itself, can you imagine how adventurous it would be if we could do anything without getting in trouble? A lot of laws would be broken a lot more people would be at harm, but having the ability to get away with just about anything is a risk I would love to take.
(Rhetorical question, anectote)
My Thesis is without getting in trouble my life would be more fun.

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  1. From you statements, it is hard to tell whether you do not want to do anything wrong, or you want to do wrong things but want to avoid getting caught. These are two different thesis statements. Which do you mean?

    Are you talking about taking risks with human laws or the laws of nature? Again, these are two different scenarios.

    What are your criteria for "fun"?

    You need to make your thesis statement in more specific terms.

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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