just an algebra question.

how would you solve:

(3x^2 +5)(3x^2 +5)

^ means power :]

Since you have not given us an equation, it is impossible to "solve" your problam. Please repost with the complete equation, so we can help you.

I hope this helps a little. Thanks for asking.

i just DID give you the equation.


that is the equation and i kind of forgot how to solve this algebraically.
so please, help.

Well Kelly, that depends what we're trying to solve for. At this point all we have is an expression, not an equation. We're given:
(3x^2 +5)(3x^2 +5)
This is the same as (3x^2 +5)^2
Do we want to solve
(3x^2 +5)(3x^2 +5) = 0?
If so, then there are only complex solutins. You'll have to tell us if it's something else besides 0.

no, there isn't anything else.

so yes, it is equal to zero.
sorry about that.

Ok, then we're given:

"how would you solve:

(3x^2 +5)(3x^2 +5) "
Setting this to 0,
(3x^2 +5)(3x^2 +5)=0 or (3x^2 +5)^2=0
This means (3x^2 +5)=0 or x^2 = -5/3 which means
x= +/- i*sqrt(5/3) where i is the imaginary unit.

...WHOA i'm so confused.

i don't think it's supposed to equal zero, then!

because i think i'm supposed to just simplify it.

OMG i'm so sorry to bother you this much

Bother me? Now I'm the one who's!
I think I mentioned there are no real solutions in the first post. I've done enough of these that I didn't need to do any calculations to see that.
The only simplifying I saw was to write it as (3x^2 +5)^2. I didn't see anything else that you can do with it.
...and no, it's no bother, as long as you're understanding what's happening that's what matters.

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