How does Mr. Grant look?
He looks nice.
Do you know why?
Yes, I do.

1. He met his students for the first time in Spain.

2. He is wearing a suit he bought yesterdsy.

3. He got a present from his girl friend.

4. He is going to get married sooner or later.

5. He is having a party at home with a help of his rich father. His father gave him 1000 dollars.

6. He will go back to his country in 10 days.

7. He will visit Las Vegas next week.

8. He will have a baby in 7 days.
His wife is expecting a baby.

9. Today is his birthday, and he goes out with his family.

10. He is going to take a trip to Mt. Seorak.

11. He is going to get married to a fair girl in April.

(Are the statements all correct?)

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asked by John
  1. #9 would be better, Today is his birthday and he is going out with his family.

    #4... doesn't really say anything. He is going to get married soon. or He is going to get married eventually.

    The rest of them are really well done.

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