US History Project

I have a US History project that's due...

I have to make a map of North America in 1756 with:
-20 major European settlements
-French, Spanish, English colonizations
-Native American Tribes
-20 major geographical features

And, I'm in really big trouble.

I've never been great in history, so what the assignment is asking is making me very, very confused.

How would I show French, Spain, and English colonizations? Does that mean what parts of the US did those particular immigrant groups lived in?

And, what do they mean by major European settlements?

Could someone PLEASE explain this to me. I'm so confused and I don't know what to do...

Thanks so much...


I have to make a map of North America in 1756 with:
-20 major European settlements The word "settlements" just means towns and cities.
-French, Spanish, English colonizations The areas that were primarily founded and settled by people from those nations.
-Native American Tribes Obvious, right?
-20 major geographical features Mountains, rivers, lakes, bays, islands, capes, etc. -- land and water formations.

... How would I show French, Spain, and English colonizations? Does that mean what parts of the US did those particular immigrant groups lived in?
Yes, that's what it means. Once you figure out where those areas are, you can color-code each one differently; perhaps red for English, green for Spanish, and blue for French -- or whatever you think would make them easy for you to remember.

And, what do they mean by major European settlements?
Major towns or cities that were originally founded and settled by the different European groups. Again, you can use color-coding. For example, Boston and New York were primarily begun and settled by the English, even though people from other countries eventually moved to those cities, too.

I went to and entered COLONIAL MAPS. Here are the results:



This is so easy. I am sure you have a History Book. Look in the section of the Seven Years War or Spanish American War. Think about where the explorers were from (Country) DeSoto was French and so on. Also, look at your Indian tribes. Where did the Souix settle, etc. Your project needs to contain a map of the US before settlements. You can show where the Mayflower first landed as that is the first area where the English settled in the US. Realize that once people started settling land, they pushed the Indian tribes back West. Florida was settled first by what country? Look up the Louisiana purchase as that will help a great deal. If you have more try to google them and see if you can first find a map of North America in 1756. I tried on google but did not see a good one to look at as a reference. Hope this helps!

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