Okay, I may not have been clear in my previous post.

I'm doing a powerpoint on Spain for a school project.

I need 4 places to visit, excluding the capital. What it's like and what to do there. Also I need 1 or 2 Festivals/Celebrations located differently than the 4 places. What it's like and what to do there.

I'm currently doing:

Barcelona - I'm going to visit Gaudi's unfinished Cathedral. Talk about the strangeness of it, what it looks like.

Pamplona - I'm going to a Bull Run. Talk about the exitement, and all that happens during the Bull Run.

Pyrenees Mt. - I'm going to go hiking. Talk about the scenery, weather, and such.

Granada - I'm going to The Alhambra. But don't know what to talk about.

Festivals, I've got it covered, I think.

So All I need help with is The Alhambra and what to do there.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Thank you very much!

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asked by Larry
  1. I've been to the Alahambra, and my wife and I found it pretty boring. There is a Moorish castle there with pretty inside courtyards full of tourists, but there are almost no furnishings and the landscaping was rather bleak. They heard you through it like cordoned sheep. The view of snowcapped mountains areound the city was lovely in spring. We enjoyed much more the cities of Malaga and Ronda, in the same general area. Torremolinos has great beaches with tapas bars.

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    posted by drwls
  2. heard = herd
    areound = around

    There is not much to do in Granada except tour the Alhambra. The lunch that our tour group had there was one of the worst we had in Spain. If you Google with the words Alhambra and Granada, and click "images", you will get some idea of what it's like, and some pics to use in your Powerpoint. One of them is

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    posted by drwls
  3. Also check the link for Alhambra that I posted in the earlier answer.

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. Also consider Bilbao in Basque country

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    posted by drwls

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