how do I do this
Solve for x. 3x – 2y = 6

Add 2y to both sides and then divide both sides by 3, to give you just "x' on the left side.

so is this how i work it out
3x- 2y= 6 -2y
x= 2 +2y

Add 2y to both sides.
3x- 2y+2y= 6 +2y
divide both sides by three.
3x/3 = 6/3 +2y/3
x=2+ 2/3 y
You made a lot of errors adding and dividing.

No. You did not add 2y to both sides-- you subtracted. Your subsequent algebraic manipulations are also all wrong. Here is what you should have done.
3x - 2y = 6
3x = 6 + 2y
x = 2 + 2y/3

It appears to me that you would benefit from a tutor. Discuss this with your mom. Probably another student in your class...your teacher can suggest one. You seem to be trying, but are missing a lot of details.

graph 3x+2y=6

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