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Health- "Families Today Quiz"

1. Which family type occurs when parents remarry?

2. Which best describes a nuclear family?
a couple and their child or children living together in one household.*

3. Which of the following is a good example of a child's responsibility?
Following rules*

4. Family responsibilities that belong solely to children include?
Following rules*

5. Which of the following is NOT considered an adult responsibility within a family?
Performing all household chores*

6. Today more than half of women with preschool children are?

7.Today more than half of all mothers with preschool children?
Are in the work force*

8. Children in healthy families learn that lasting relationships must be based on trust, support, and?
mutual caring*

9. Which term describes a family in which only one parent lives with the child or children?
Single-parent family*

10. Which of these is not a reason that family relationships are important to health?
A person learns from family that financial success is what matters.*

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