as-tu eu mal a la tête?
this one you don't replace "a la tête" with y right?

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asked by sh
  1. J'en eu mal?

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    posted by sh
  2. Don't forget the accent grave on "à."

    y = refers to things or places. It generally replaces "à + noun" but may also replace other prepositions of position, such as "chez, dans, en, sous, or sur + noun." English is usually "to it (them), in it (them), on it (them), and there."

    en = replaces "de + noun" and generally refers to things. English is "some, any, of it (them), from there."

    J'y eu mal. (It hurt there.)

    Sra (aka Mme)

    Therefore, you DO replace "à la tête" with "y!"

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