French continued

Could you please check these too (God Bless)

Directions: Write sentences according to the model below. (Doesn't matter if you use the form of de or à)

Example: l'école/le restaurant
Je rentre de l'école et je vais au restaurant.

1. le lycée/le magasin
Answer: Je rentre du lycée et je vais du magasin.

2. l'école/le café
Answer: Je rentre de l'école et du café.

3. le collège/la papeterie
Answer: Je rentre du le collège et de papeterie.

4. le magasin/la fête de Dominique
Answer: Je rentre du le magasin et de fête de Dominique.

5. le café/la maison
Answer: Je rentre du le cafè et je vais de maison.

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  1. 1) vais au magasin
    3.4.5.)Even though there is a "de la", there is no "de le". It becomes "DU" (not "du le")
    5)Je rentre du café et je vais à la maison.
    3)Je rentre du collège et de la papeterie.
    4)Je rentre du magasin et de la Fête de Dominique.

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    posted by E.G
  2. Look at the example one more time; it has one "de" and one "à" but in #1 you come back from school and from the café? Usually you come back from one place and go to another, as in the example.

    Same problem with #2.
    #3. du is a combination of de + le so it sh ould read "du collège" and then check the 2nd "de" which does not have the definite article for "papeterie."

    #4. Same error in 4 as in 3.

    #5. Oops = same error. de + le = du / de + les = des / but de la remains the same. As for "maison" have you noticed that nouns in French usually have the definite (or indefinite) article with each one?

    Sra (aka Mme)

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