Pre Algebra HELP

I don't know exactly what you mean by typing like this 2y3(4x-3y). I assume that means 2y cubed (2y^3) or 2y3 times (4x-2y)

That becomes 8xy3 -6y4

Expand all the parenthesis, then gather like terms, and add them.


I have a wksh and I have three question left and I cant fugure them out. PLEASE HELP! What you have to do is simplify expressions by combining like terms. There are three in each question and have to figure out what two are more a like.

2. 12x-3y+x+2y 3(4x-3y)+3y 4(4-2y)-3x+7y

5. 3(r-1)-4r+5 2(3-2r)-4(2-r -r+7+3r-9-2r

7. 3(2b-a)-(2a-b (a=2b)-(b+2a) (A+2B)-(a-b)

Please help. You guys might think you are giving me the answers. If you want you can tell me how to do the problems and I will figure it out. THANK YOU SO MUCH IF YOU HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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