carl the rideshare driver drove 55 miles per hour the first part of the trip. he was behind schedule, so he drove 70 miles per hour the second part of the trip. the trip was a total of 30 miles.
x = the time of the first part of the trip
y = the time of the second part of the trip
Write an equation in standard form that represents the situation.
pls help me :(

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  1. Distance of first part of trip = 55x
    distance of 2nd part of trip = 70y

    55x + 70y = 30

    more information is needed to complete the question.
    As it stands there would be an infinite number of solutions.
    e.g. suppose he drove 12 minutes at 55 mph
    distance = 1/5(55) miles = 11 miles
    then 11 + 70y = 30
    70y = 19
    y = 19/70 hours = appr 16.3 minutes

    btw, there would be restrictions: Suppose he drove the whole distance
    at 55 mph, then x would be 0.545.. , and there would be no time
    left to go at 70 mph.

    so x < .545 , similarly y < 30/70 hours or y < 0.429 which happen to be the
    x and y intercept values of the equation.

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  2. i forgot to add the other part of the question;
    find the slope and describe its meaning

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