My Research Has Failed....

have made a grave mistake.

My study of the “darkness of the heart” began with a simple psychological test and quickly snowballed.

Spurred on by my youngest apprentice Ienzo, I constructed a massive laboratory in the basement of my castle.

Unbeknownst to me, my six apprentices then began collecting a large number of subjects on which to perform dangerous experiments into the “darkness of the heart.”

As soon as I found out, I called my apprentices together and ordered them not only to cease their studies, but to destroy the results of their research thus far.

What on earth was happening within the hearts of my six beloved apprentices? While pursuing the mystery of the darkness of the heart, could they themselves have strayed into its depths?

Yet I remain the most foolish of all, for having begun these experiments.

We are not meant to interfere in the depths of another's heart, no matter what our reasons for doing so…

And my error plunged me into despair.

A visitor from another world soothed my dejected soul.

A tiny king named Mickey came wielding a legendary key—the infamous “Keyblade,” said to bring both chaos and prosperity to the world.

He was very knowledgeable on many topics, and we deepened our friendship as we conversed companionably.

Upon his advice, I decided to review the data obtained at my basement lab.

That is when I discovered the “Ansem Reports.”

Though they bore my name, the only one I had written was number 0.

Apparently he had gone on to pen numbers 1 through 8 himself.

Yes—the first subject in my foolish experiments.

To relieve the "darkness of your mind",
try these sites on Heart of Darkness

By the way, understanding the theme of this novel will bring an enlightenment
which will give you an "a-ha" moment. =)

Thank you GuruBlue; this classic novel may be the missing piece in my this puzzle I am seeking to unravel...

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asked by Ansem

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