college algebra word problem

A goldsmith has two alloys that are different purities of gold. The first is 3/4 pure and the second is 5/12 pure. How many ounces of each should be melted and mixed in order to obtain a 6 oz mixture that is 2/3 pure gold?

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  1. solve
    (3/4)x + (5/12)(6-x) = (2/3)(6) ,each term times 12

    9x + 5(6-x) = 48

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  2. Since there are different quantities of each purity wouldn't there be an x and a y in the equation instead of both being x?

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  3. Ok,
    x + y = 6 ----> y = 6-x

    (3/4)x + (5/12)y = (2/3)(6)

    sub in the value of y


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  4. oooh. okay! thanks!

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