Cells and Body Systems (Biology, practice)

1. Active and passive transport are important processes that help the cell
A. Maintain the cellular membrane.
B. Metabolize materials .
C. Change size and shape.
D. Regulate the uptake and removal of materials. ^^^^

2. What type of molecule is transported across the cell membrane during osmosis
A. Water.^^^^
B. Any solute.
C. Sodium.
D. Oxygen.

3. What is the function of mRNA (messenger RNA)
A. MRNA functions as a template for DNA synthesis.
B. MRNA functions as a template for lipid synthesis.
C. MRNA function as a template for protein synthesis.^^^^
D. MRNA functions as a template for RNA synthesis.

4. In r n a, A pairs with____, and C pairs with ____.
A. C; A
B. G; T
C. U; G^^^
D. T; U

5. Compare organelles. Which one modifies, sorts, packages proteins for secretion
A. Lysosome.
B. Ribosome.
C. Golgi apparatus. ^^^^
D. Vacuole.

6. The muscular system is responsible for.
A. Transporting oxygen and nutrients.
B. Movement.^^^^
C. Receiving and processing stimuli.
D. Support.

7. The movement of food through the gastrointestinal tract by the contraction of the muscles is called.
A. Digestion.
B. Peristalsis. ^^^^
C. Absorption.
D. Churning.

8. Compare the roles of a human liver in the human pancreas in the digestion process.
A. Both assist the absorption of nutrients.
B. Both assist with the breakdown of fats. ^^^^
C. Both assist with the digestion of carbohydrates.
D. Both assist with the digestion of proteins.

9. Which body system is depicted in the image
A. Nervous.
B. Endocrine.
C. Circulatory. ^^^^
D. Muscular.

10. Which part of the body produces blood cells.
A. Periosteum.
B. Collagen.
C. Bone marrow.^^^^
D. Calcium.

11. Compare and contrast models. What is the disadvantage of using a dissected pig versus a 2d model of the human digestive system?
A. A dissected pigs inner structures slightly different than a human's.^^^^
B. A dissected pig does not reveal the arrangements of organs.
C. Dissected pigs inner structure is completely different than a human's.
D. A dissected pig less detailed than a 2d model.

^^^^ are the answers and all are correct for this practice

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  1. Trouble Maker is right!
    just don't follow the ABCD's look at the actual answer he has... :) i got 100% on the practice

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