Biochemistry Unit Test

1.What is the maximum number of electrons carbon’s outer shell can hold?
2.What is the definition of a hydrocarbon?
3.What do amino acids, fatty acids, and sugars (monosaccharides) have in common?
4.What makes amino acids unique from one another?
5.Which compound is a carbohydrate?
6.Which compound contains nitrogen?
7.Which equation best represents conservation of matter?
8.What are reactants in a chemical reaction?
9.During a chemical reaction, the number of atoms
10.A large portion of cellular respiration happens in the mitochondria. For this reason, the mitochondria are known colloquially as the “powerhouses of the cell.” Which body organ could best be compared to the mitochondria?
11.Reliability refers to

2.a large chain of carbons and hydrogens bonded together
3.They are made of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen.
4.the R group
6.amino acid
7.6H2O + 6CO2 → C6H12O6 + 6O2
9.stays the same.
10.the stomach because it breaks down nutrients and releases energy for the body

(you can trust my answers if YOU want too)

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  1. yeah trust him

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  2. These are the correct answers! You can trust them, I used them on my test and I got 100%! Thanks!

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  4. tank yoos vedy much

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