what list shows the property of matter in the order from the greatest average kinetic energy to the least average kinetic energy per particle
A Solid, liquid, gas
B gas, liquid, soild
C Solid, liquid, gas
D Liquid, solid, gas

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  1. gas molecules fly around
    liquid molecules float around
    solid molecules are stuck.

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  2. I think its Gas Liquid Solid

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  3. no its Solid liquid and gas

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  4. What’s the answer?

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  5. It is gas, liquid, solid because the particles in gas have more kinetic energy, and the particles in a solid are very close together and compact. They dont move much therefore they dont have as much kinetic energy.

    (Answer for people who don't care: Gas, Liquid, Solid)

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  6. @funny moment thx!! :)

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  7. The answer is gas liquid solid.

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  8. awnser is solid liquid gas

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