Personal Fitness Lesson 1 Unit 10 answers

Lesson 1 Unit 10: Personal Fitness Final Exam answers :🌹 (please check all your answers cause tests get changed around a lot) 🌹

1. True
2. Flexibility
3. True
4. Reality
5. Inspiration
6. Body Composition
7. Aerobically
8. Glucose
9. Micronutrients
10. Injury
11. Remedies
12. Performance
13. Persistence, persistence
14. Knee
15. Fats
16. Weighing
17. True
18. False
19. False
20. Longevity
21. False
23. True
24. False
25. Counseling
26. Sportsmanship
27. Active range of motion
28. Hydration
29. True
30. True
31. Minerals
32. True
33. Overtraining
34. Range of motion (ROM)
35. True
36. Life
37. Binge-Eating Disorder
38. False
39. Reflection
40. Hypoglycemia
41. Confidence in your physical abilities
42. Fuel
43. Omega-3
44. Regulates your body temperature, removes toxins from your system, and breaks down food
45. Water-soluble
46. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP)
47. Body image
48. True
49. False
50. Isolation

(That is all the answers! I really hope you all have the same questions so always double check I know how hard it is trying to get a good grade so I wanted you all to be able to pass so I deeply hope you find what you need here or a least some if you have some of the same questions I hope you all have an amazing day πŸ’–πŸŒΈπŸƒπŸ’

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