Is there a way to delete the record of a site you have been to: ex. if you went to Google, but then every single time you type in w w w . g it comes up with "google" right below, is there a way to stop that from happening??

You might want to try clearing the history. I believe if you click on tools on top of an open web page (where you see file and all that) then go to internet options. From there you should be able to clear the history.

Try that.

It depends on your browser. The short answer is yes, what you have to do is in preferences uncheck history of search engines. In my OPERA browser, it is this path:

Tools>>preferences>>advanced>>remember visited address, and set to zero. I have mine set to 500, I like it to remember.

I use Firefox

Under Tools --> Privacy there are all kinds of setting you can choose.

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asked by Laura
  1. oh my lo rd this is 12 years old

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