A glider lands 26 miles west and 12 miles south from where it took off. The result of the trip can be described by the vector (- 26, - 12) ,
i got b but i don’t think it’s right
a ) about 29 miles at 25 south of west
b ) about 25 miles at 29 south of east
c ) about 29 miles at 25 south of east
d ) about 25 miles at 29 south of west

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  1. sqrt (26^2 + 12^2) = 28.6
    tan angle s of w = 12/26 = .462
    angle = 24.7 degrees
    looks like A

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  2. the length of the vector is ... √(26^2 + 12^2)

    the tangent of the angle (in Quad III) is ... -12 / -26

    you're right ... b is not right

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