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Lesson 7: polynomials and properties of exponents Unit Test
Gifted and talented math 6 B unit 6: Polynomials and properties of exponents WACA (Washington connections academy)

Which polynomial does the model represent?
(One black square, two long white rectangles, three long black rectangles, three small white squares, and one small black square)
A. -x^3 + 2x^2 - 3x + 2
B. x^2 + x -2
C. -x^2 -x +2
D -x^2 + x -2

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  1. Just google "polynomials calculator". I hope you find the answers.

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  2. Thanks. I still got it wrong but thats okay :). For anyone else looking for the answer its C. -x^2 -x +2

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