You Will Always Be In My Heart

To those of who are wondering what happened to Ms. Sue, this is the post you should be reading this. I have looked this up myself and found the answer. While you read this, You will probably cry or have remorse.
Those times she helped and you gave her hate. The times she hinted you gave her hate. The time she said someone's answer was wrong you gave her hate.
So what really did happen to Ms. Sue?
On December 10, 2019 Writeacher responded to HomeworkStan on the Goodbye, Ms.Sue =( post:
We are all heartbroken, Stan … and everyone else who reads this. It'll be a while until we get past the shock and settle into life without Ms. Sue.


But students still lie about her death. They say she FAKED her death, she LIED about her death, and saying she is still doing LIVELESSONS even though she is gone...up in we pray for she hears what happened to her by the the lies...
DrBob222 responded to a students question asking what happened on December 17, 2020. Unfortunately his post is long but I will leave it to you to find it. Just type into Google: what happened to Mrs. Sue tutor on Jiskha
On December 11, 2020, issy asked:
how did she die?
The same day, Writeacher responded:
Please don't speculate. She was ill and passed away peacefully in a hospital.

At least some of us can appreciate what she did to help.
rest in peace said herself on July 27, 2020:
I know that shes already gone but i am just so sorry. I was apart of the problem. I didn't start using Jiskha until late 2019 but I still left mean comments towards her and liked others comments. I know I cant take back what I've already said, but Ms. Sue, I'm so sorry, you were just trying to help students understand, though it may have come off rude sometimes, your intentions were pure, you never deserved the backlash you received. I hope you know that all your efforts on this website weren't for nothing, so many students passed classes and got good grades because you helped them understand material that our actual teachers failed to teach us. Thank you and rest easy <3

I know God is listening so let him hear and see some of your nasty comments to Ms. Sue. Fake Ms. Sue's on here, those who loved Ms. Sue will hate you.
On Janruary 13, 2021, 👩‍🏫 Ms. Sue said:
I'm back from the grave.👻

This is wrong. Karma will find those STILL impersonating her.
Some kids said Ms. Sue should KILL HERSELF.

I hope this answered your questions about what happened... This is a Tough experience finding this out, I know...I understand. I may only be 11, but I speak true words, and I can understand those younger and older than me. If you actually LISTEN, you can understand more.
Until next time,
Uni out 🦄🍨

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  1. Thank you it does a little bit.

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  2. How do you know the ones who loved mrs sue will hate them you shouldn’t put words in peoples mouth and hate is wrong

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  3. I can't believe this! Ms. Sue passed away? A little while ago I found a lot of people leaving disgusting comments about her. And BOY was I mad. This is what I said:

    "Oh my gosh! Some people are ABSOULUTLY UNBELIEVABLE on here! And by "some people", I mean:
    "Cameron Vozza", "Wow", "42o", and Idk about this one but maybe "frog" too. Also then there's some "Anonymous" people on here.
    But do you guys all actually KNOW WHY she said that? What if she had something else going on, or needed to do? And if not, still, no wonder she said that! Because she's been getting SO MUCH DISRESPECT! Do you all know HOW HARD it is to become a teacher? You guys are RIDICULOUS! And if you STILL haven't got a clue, she said that because she's has worked a LIFE TIME to become a teacher, and has tried to help others learn and what do you all give her for it? HATE!!! I am EXTREMELY DISGUSTED BY YOU GUYS!
    So, next time a teacher says something that doesn't sound right, DO NOT give them hate. Instead, show EMPATHY. And remember, you have NO CLUE WHATSOEVER about what they might be going through. I'm DONE."

    But I had absolutely no idea that she passed away before she even got a chance to see it. I am a believer of Christ Jesus our Lord and savior. And these are the type of things I take a stand for. May God's glory and grace shine down on Ms. Sue. Hopefully she is in a better place now. ✝😔

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