Which option describes key words that are used to conduct online research?(1 point)

search terms

effective terms

search engines

accurate words

Which term describes a program that uses key words to search for and identify related information?(1 point)

effective searcher

web browser

search engine

term identifier

Plz help me.

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  1. In 1., B and D are clearly out since the word “search” is not in them. So ... what do you think? A? or C?

    Use the same process for the second one.

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  2. the answers are

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  3. the answers are
    1.C, search terms.
    2.C, search engine.

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  4. Baby yoda is correct

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  5. Which option describes a research question?(1 point)

    a question placed in the conclusion of an essay to make the reader think

    a question that encourages the reader to find out more about the topic

    a question that reveals where you can find information about a topic

    a question that identifies a topic that you want to learn more about

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  6. E

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  7. thx again bby Yoda :D

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  8. thx bby yoda :3

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  9. 1. Search terms
    2. Search engine
    3. Specific
    4. Directly

    These are the real correct answers

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  10. 1. search terms
    2. search engine
    3. specific
    4. directly
    100% I gottchu guys

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  11. Girl is correct.
    1.Search terms
    2.Search engine
    (for connections academy students, this is one of the quick checks! have a great day!)

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  12. thank you so much baby yoda

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  13. Thanks baby Yoda!

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  14. 1.a
    hopp you do good :)

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  15. ... is correct

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