Verb mood and voice unit test

Would anybody be able to tell me if I got these right?

1) which explains for mood?

It is how a verb is used to ask a a question.
It is how a verb is used to express a thought<
It is however herb is used to state a fact.
It is how a verb is used to make a command.

2) use the sentence to answer the question. Cameron asked his friend a question about the weekend. His phone responded, are we going together or driving separately? Which mood is used in his friends sentence?


3) which sentence uses verbs in the Conditional mood?

Do you want to ski if it keeps snowing?<
I wish forecasters more accurate.
It has not snowed enough for the slopes to open.
If it keeps snowing, we can go skiing.

4)which sentence uses verbs in the subjunctive mood?

The bloggers latest post is thought-provoking
I suggested that he read that new blog post.<
Have you read her latest blog post?
I wish I were able to come up with interesting posts.

5) which sentence uses the indicated form of the verb play?

I wish you were playing video games.
Are you playing video games?
Play video games with me.<
I am playing video games.

6) which sentence uses the conditional form of the verb send?

I suggest you send a letter to our grandparents.
I could send a letter to her grandparents.
I am sending a letter to her grandparents.
Send a letter to our grandparents.<

Please help me figure out if I’m right

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  1. 1 and 2 are correct. I'm too lazy to check the rest.

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  2. they all are right I just took the test.

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  3. are you sure there all right

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  4. ok im gonna take one for the team and trust aaaa ill come back if there right.

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  5. is he or she right?

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  6. Pls Full test answers

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  7. does anyone have the answers

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  8. anyone got the answers?
    cus like it would be so helpful for a lot of people

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  9. So what's the answer??

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