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Find the area of the triangle.

A triangle is drawn with the longest, horizontal side labeled 22 feet. A vertical dashed line labeled 7 feet is drawn to the opposite vertex. A small square is placed along the base and dashed line with a vertex at their point of intersection.
A. 154 ft2
B. 58 ft2
C. 77 ft2
D. 38.5 ft2
Find the area for the following figure.
An inverted triangle with a vertical dotted perpendicular line is labeled 6 point 2 centimeters and connects between one vertex and the opposite side labeled 20 point 3 centimeters.
A. 125.86 cm²
B. 62.93 cm²
C. 26.5 cm²
D. 137.45 cm²
Find the area of the parallelogram.

A parallelogram is shown with a horizontal base labeled 2.3 centimeters.From the base, a dashed line segment is drawn, ending at a point just below the upper right vertex of the parallelogram. A vertical dashed line segment is drawn from the endpoint to the upper right vertex. This segment is labeled 6.4 centimeters. A small square is placed along the two dashed lines with the point of intersection as the lower right vertex of the square.
A. 29.44 cm²
B. 8.7 cm²
C. 14.72 cm²
D. 7.36 cm²
Find the area for a triangle: base 14 cm, height 5.5 cm.
A. 19.5 cm²
B. 77 cm²
C. 38.5 cm²
D. 770 cm²
Find the area of a parallelogram: base 5 cm, height 20 cm.
A. 100 cm²
B. 90 cm²
C. 50 cm²
D. 25 cm²

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  1. for a triangle, A = 1/2 bh
    for a parallelogram, A = bh

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