I swear, nobody knows this answer.

Your realized income from your primary job is $2,034.24/month. Your fixed expenses are 30% of your primary job’s realized income. You have a 2nd job that pays $9.50/hr with deductions of FICA (7.65%), federal tax withholding (11.5%), and state tax withholding (7.75%). If you want to save enough in the next 10 months to have an emergency fund that will cover 5 months using only 20% of your discretionary monies from your primary job, how many hours per month do you need to work at your 2nd job to meet your monthly savings goals?

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  1. I got 3 hours per month but idk if that’s right

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  2. I did this for "Lucy" a while ago.

    expenses = 0.30*2034.24 = 610.27
    Since both jobs are taxed, you want
    10[(2034 + 9.50x)*(1-(11.5+0.775)/100) - 610.27]*0.20 = 5*610.27
    double-check my figures and solve for x.

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  3. I thought you’re supposed to come here to get answers checked. Is 3 hours the answer or nah?

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  4. Not what I got.
    Did you do a sanity check?
    Does 3 hours a month seem reasonable for a part-time job?
    How did you check your answer?
    Better yet, how did you get your answer?

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  5. Are you really that miserable in real life that you have to passive aggressively bully middle schoolers on the internet who are looking for school help? Yikes dude, get some therapy. You livin a sad life bro.

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  6. Perhaps you should hire a tutor Ayo.

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  7. bullying?
    I ask how he got his results because maybe I can help show what went wrong.
    Heck, it's even possible that I made a mistake, and I can learn from his work.
    If he's unwilling to show his calculations, I have to assume he's just guessing.

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