Lesson 12: Growing Up Unit Test Language Arts 6 B

Read this excerpt from "The Prediction"
Then He remembered
that he wasnt sure

He congratulated him self
bitterly, and left

Why does the poet state that "he was sure it wouldnt go well"

A. This provides rhyme to make the words poetic
B. This provides rhyme to emphasize key words
C. This provides repetition to emphasize the theme
D. This provides repetition to create a poetic rhyme

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  1. why is no one else on this one? I came to get a clear say of what exactly the question is asking.

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  2. This test I really could have uses some help. But I did get a over 80%
    Here are the correct answers 100%.
    1. C This provides repetition to emphasize the theme.
    2. A It encourages...
    3. C Mowgli is asked to save Akela
    4. A It is hard to judge people's...
    5. A exposition
    6. C to show how JAy is...
    7. B slow and satisfied
    8. B This visual imagery provides an...
    9. C to illustrate...
    10. B to describe...
    11.C The narrators friendship...
    12. D the third person omniscient
    13. A I believe a longer...
    14.A Anthony wants to find
    15. C enduring bad weather strengthens...
    16. B He warns that, according
    17. D This reminds me of my nervousness...
    18. A Jay has involved the narrator

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  3. is this right?

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