please help
Which of the following is not a travel, hospitality, and tourism career?

Truck Driver
Question 3(Multiple Choice Worth 1 points)

What is true about semi truck drivers?

They often attend vocational schools
They are a hospitality career
They always stay within an hour of home
They need graduate degrees
Question 4(Multiple Choice Worth 1 points)

A travel agent might help plan what?

A road system
A plane's design
A cruise vacation
A restaurant's menu
Question 5(Multiple Choice Worth 1 points)

Restaurant managers are typically

more highly trained staff
owners of the restaurant
working daytime hours
Question 6(Multiple Choice Worth 1 points)

Students interested in working as a chef might participate in

Skills USA
Question 7(Multiple Choice Worth 1 points)

Wait staff at restaurants typically

have completed high school
have completed vocational school
have completed community college
have completed a four-year college degree
Question 8(Multiple Choice Worth 1 points)

Which of the following might a student do in high school to learn more about automotive care?

Skills USA
Intern at an auto shop
Volunteer at a warehouse
Question 9(Multiple Choice Worth 1 points)

A diesel mechanic is what type of career

mobile maintenance
transportation manager
Question 10(Multiple Choice Worth 1 points)

Processing clerks work in

amusement parks
Question 11 (True/False Worth 1 points)

Flight attendants rarely have to travel for their job.

Question 12 (True/False Worth 1 points)

Urban planners need a community college or two-year degree.

Question 13 (True/False Worth 1 points)

Restaurant supply companies handle deliveries of foods and goods to restaurants.

Question 14 (True/False Worth 1 points)

Museum curators are a tourism career.

Question 15 (True/False Worth 1 points)

Transportation and urban planners design bus routes.


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