language arts

1. What is pacing?
a- the use of dialogue to move the plot forward

b- the speed at which a story moves

c- the perspective of the narrator

d- the details that bring a story to life

2. What is description?
a- words spoken by characters

b- the most important character in a story

c- the most interesting parts of a story

d- details that bring a scene to life

3. What is reflection?
a- the use of sensory words

b- a self-examination by the narrator

c- a final paragraph in a work that ties everything together

d- the most important details in a story

my answers are-

I'm not sure if these are correct or not, can someone help me?

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  1. @uwu you're wrong on answer two. it's d

    correct answers are-
    1. the speed at which the story moves.
    2. details that bring the scene to life.
    3. a self-examination by the narrator

    Conexus Language Arts quick check ^

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  2. Louis is correct!!

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