math, money

Kevin was hungry. “Grrrr!”
“What was that?” asked Steven.
“My stomach bro,” replied Kevin. “Let’s get pizza!”
The two stopped at Jessie’s Best Pizza Pies where slices are only 75 cents each. Kevin took out his coins. He had 36 coins. Half of his coins were dimes, one-third of his coins were nickels, and the rest of his coins were quarters.

1. How much money does Kevin have?

2. How many slices of pizza can Kevin buy?

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  1. 1/2 * 36 = 18
    1/3 * 36 = 12
    36 - 18 - 12 = 6
    18 * 10 + 12 * 5 + 6 *25 = 180 + 60 + 150 = 390 cents = $3.90
    390 / 75 = 5.2
    so 5

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