Introducing a Narrative Quick Check

Which option describes a narrator?(1 point)

the person telling the story

the location of the story

the events of a story

the main idea of a story

Which pronouns does a first-person narrator use to tell a story?(1 point)

you and yours

they and them

he and she

I and we

Which kind of narrator uses the pronouns he, she and they?(1 point)





Which option describes the context of a story?(1 point)

who is telling the story

what happens and where it happens

how long the story is

who is involved and who wrote it

Which element should be included in a good introduction?(1 point)





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  1. 1. the person telling the story
    2. I and We
    3. third person
    4. what happens and where it happens
    5. context
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  7. he/she right

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  8. probably she. you can tell by the writing style

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  9. @the person, i go by any pronouns so it doesn't really matter

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  12. 1. when one of the characters tells the story./ my answers
    2. An introduction in a narrative text should have a/an engaging start that interests the reader and makes the reader want to continue.
    3. In a narrative text, the introduction will establish the point of view, or the perspective from which the story is told.

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